San Fernando Valley is an urbanized valley that is located in the city of Los Angeles. It is surrounded by the mountains of the Transverse Ranges and home to nearly 2 million people. If you love warm temperatures, sunny skies, the backdrop of mountain ranges and numerous districts that bring together art, music and fine dining, you will love living in San Fernando Valley.

What are the Cities in San Fernando Valley Like?

The Valley is approximately 260 miles bound by various mountain ranges. When you look out to the west, you see the Simi Hills. To the northwest, it’s the Santa Susana Mountains. The Chalk Hills and Santa Monica Mountains are to the south, and the Verdugo Mountains are situated to the east. We can’t forget the San Gabriel Mountains, which are out to the northeast.

The Valley is one of the most serene places to be in, feeling like you are separated from the rest of the busy world. In some parts of The Valley, you can see the skyscrapers of Los Angeles as well as other mountain ranges. These tend to be in the higher neighborhoods, parks and passes, and certainly worth the hike or climb!

Many of the cities are residential in appearance because of the neatly trimmed lawns, front gates and long driveways that are lined in trees. While the majority of homes in the San Fernando Valley are single-family, there are condos, townhomes and co-ops as well. Even new construction is popping up in certain areas, allowing you to take advantage of the beautiful valley while having a new, modern and open-layout home.

Districts in the San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley offers a number of quaint, peaceful neighborhoods, including the following:

  • Burbank: Incorporated in the San Fernando Valley and home to more than 10,000 people, Burbank has a downtown, civic center and residential neighborhoods. It’s known as the “Media Capital of the World.”
  • Chatsworth: This San Fernando Valley district is under the umbrella of Los Angeles that is 70% caucasian. Diverse homes can be found here and include ranches, multi-family complexes, farms and bedroom communities.
  • Encino: Situated along the 101 Freeway and bordering the Santa Monica Mountains, this area provides jobs largely in the healthcare industry. Almost 90% of the population is caucasian.
  • North Hollywood: This district sits near the 170 and 101 Freeways and is home to a smaller neighborhood called the NoHo Arts District. Thanks to NoHo, exciting new life has been brought into the district, including modern loft living. This is perfect for the local residents who are in the entertainment industry.
  • Northridge: A community in the San Fernando Valley, Northridge is a healthy mix of shopping, business, outdoor recreation and residential living. The population is over half white, with other dominant ethnicities being Asian and Hispanic.
  • Reseda: Along the Los Angeles River you find Reseda. Reseda was a farm town and one of the first suburbs of San Fernando Valley. The population has reached over 400,000, and many of the residents are working class.
  • Sherman Oaks: Sherman Oaks stretches over 8 miles and is largely urbanized. A quick drive down Ventura Avenue lets you see the towering skyscrapers and shopping centers. Residential living is dense, with plenty of apartments, condos and pockets of single-family homes.
  • Studio City: With 7 miles of residential and commercial properties, Studio City has a plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment. With a high number of sushi restaurants and some of the best public schools in Los Angeles, Studio City is welcoming to affluent families.
  • Woodland Hills: Located in the southwestern part of the region, some neighborhoods trail up the side of the Santa Monica Mountains. The district is largely suburban with interconnected neighborhoods. Woodland Hills has some of the warmest weather in the valley. Nearly 80% of residents are caucasian.

San Fernando Valley has no shortage of real estate. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the area, the housing market is improving and you should have a wide range of opportunities to take advantage of. Call Sterling Realty & Lending today to learn more about how to work, play and live in San Fernando Valley.