Do you get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you hear about Woodland Hills? Perhaps that’s because this is the place you will soon call home!

Woodland Hills is surrounded by beautiful parks, new shopping centers and streets that are lined in forestry trees. It’s peaceful, calming and definitely for more affluent individuals. If you are looking to make the move to a more expensive, clean and tidy district in San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills fits the bill.

What it’s Like to Live in Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is less than 35 minutes away from attractions such as the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Venice Boardwalk. While you can take public transportation here, it’s best if you have a vehicle to get around. The streets are no stranger to expensive sports cars that pull up to the beautiful California mansions.

The population of Woodland Hills is around 70,000, and the median household income was at $93,720 in 2008. This is high for the county, and so is the number of white residents and individuals with four-year college degrees. Public schools are under the jurisdiction of LAUSD, though many young residents attend private or charter schools. Also in Woodland Hills is the Los Angeles Pierce College, part of the Los Angeles Community College District.

Business and Retail in Warner Center

What makes Woodland Hills even more unique is that it has its own mini-downtown, Warner Center. Residents love having a city within the city! Walking along the streets of Woodland Hills, you’ll notice that everything has a place. The shopping centers, restaurants and boutiques are meticulously kept, with some of the tidiest streets you’ve ever seen!

The purpose of building Warner Center was to relieve traffic to and from downtown Los Angeles and to generate job growth in the San Fernando Valley. Today, Warner Center is booming with new properties, the 34-acre Promenade Mall, the Warner Center Business Park and the Warner Center Business Plaza, which gives Warner Center its signature skyline. The area also has the Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center that serves 2 million residents in The Valley.

Woodland Hills Properties

Woodland Hills has expensive, elegant properties for sale, though it is possible to find homes in the $600K to $700K range. What makes these properties exceptional is that they are prim, proper and neatly kept, keeping consistent with the rest of the Woodland Hills tone. If you are lucky enough to get a property with large, open windows, you can enjoy the stunning backdrop of the mountain ranges and palm trees.

What to Expect from Our Woodland Hills Realtors

When working with Sterling Realty & Lending, we will take your wants and needs seriously. We listen closely to what our clients want to see in a property and use our skills and databases to locate the right properties. We are happy to show you around the Woodland Hills area so that you can picture yourself walking along the streets and fitting in with the other residents.

By choosing Sterling Realty & Lending, you will get the individualized attention you deserve during this process. Buying or selling a home in Woodland Hills can be stressful, but it’s made much easier and more enjoyable with the right team by your side. To start the process of buying or selling a Woodland Hills property, call Sterling Realty & Lending today.